We all have within us the deep and fundamental human need to express our true selves in a way that will bring joy and passion to us and the world around us. Yet some of us may feel we were born into a culture or environment that ignored or even villainized this need. We may have deep seated paradigms about our purpose, what “femininity” is, the way we should feel and look, how we should live our lives, what success looks like, where happiness comes from, and whether or not our divinely gifted intuition is something we should trust or if it’s a plot to deceive us. Thus we have disconnected from our unfathomable human potential and natural creativity and joy.

In my personal experience, all of these limiting beliefs had created so much noise that I could no longer trusted even my own voice. I lived in fear, doubt and uncertainty. I became attached to certain outcomes that I had been trained to expect and when they didn’t go as planned I felt robbed and victimized. I had become so accustomed to this story of the way life is, that I accepted it almost unconsciously. I settled for a life that looked good from the outside, but internally there was a knowing that something was amiss.

Are you reading this and resonating with much of this in your own life?

What if I told you that there is still within you the wild woman whose intuition draws from thousands of years of experience from the women before her? She is a woman who knows that the repressions of her thoughts, voice and passion do not serve her. A woman flowing with creativity, joy and purpose who knows that the only story that matters is the one she tells herself. You may feel her subtly at times, tugging gently on your soul strings. It may be fleeting moments of unrest. It may be the racing heart that wakes you in the middle of the night thinking there is something you are forgetting. On wakeful days you may feel her as the light fiercely trying to break through your skin.

What if you could reconnect with this woman? Try to imagine the lightness of your energy, the depth of your joy, the determination of your purpose that you could experience if you released the ties that bind you to the limiting stories you tell yourself every day. I would love to help guide you back to this wise and wild woman. You are full of light, love, peace and nearly limitless potential for joy, purpose and happiness. It is your nature.

In my personal experience, the discovery of the wild woman within was one of the most joyful times of my life. Life was meant to be joyous.

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