My name is Erin McNulty. I started a blog called Maha Momma in 2012 as a way for a myself as a new young mother to connect with the new community I found myself in. At a time when worlds of new motherhood, a career change, and a new marriage collided I sought identity. I  was immersed in my new identity as a mother and couldn’t relate to much else. I craved a village that could cry and laugh and yell with me in all my foreign emotions. I had, overnight, become an entirely different person, and needed to reach out my fellow aliens in this new world.


If you have been a reader of my blog since the beginning, I’m sure you can see the evolution. Much has changed since those first days of treading water just trying to stay floating. Along the road to here I lost and found myself numerous times in numerous ways. With each stumbling block (lay off, second child, end of a marriage, etc.), some feeling more like concrete walls, I found myself on the other side an evolved being.

rising strong

Now I look back at the last five years and see that not only was a mother born, a woman was born. A woman who often felt unseen in the swirling waters of motherhood. Unseen by herself, and hence unseen by some closest to her. People were loved, people were lost, people were found. Paradigms were released and powerful beliefs about myself and the realities we all create for ourselves were accepted.


Now I see that the name Maha Momma was not enough to describe the worlds inside a woman. And so, like myself, Maha Woman was reborn. Today my purpose is to empower women to reconnect with their worthiness and powerful intuition. It is a work that is sometimes dark and messy. It requires bravery and oftentimes uncomfortable and raw authenticity. And it is magic.


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