Surrender to Stillness

Root your bones and sit in stillness. 

Not the sort of stillness that requires the capture and imprisonment of your dark spaces into the locked boxes of the shadows of your heart. 

Instead, the stillness that listens, quietly, accepting, of all that is and all that was and all that will be. 

The kind of stillness that judges not thoughts, fears, or wounds.

The kind of stillness that pulses the truth, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that all is coming. 

Yes, ALL is coming. 

Reach down through your bones into the earth. Feel the cool relief of the soil as your roots spread not only down through the earth, but down through the ages. 

Watch as they spread like vines in all directions, and in all dimensions, until you are so intertwined with the earth, the ancestors, with God, that you forget where you end and the earth begins. 

Have you found it now? 


This is the place where “was” and “is” and “will be” are all the same. 

Stay here a moment if you will. 

For whatever troubles your heart, whatever question burns in your soul, whatever love you have lost or love you cannot find, whatever clarity it is that you seek. 

It is here in this place. 

In this place, so deeply connected with God, here you are as ancient trees which hold the wisdom of the infinite, with your crown open to the sky as sure and welcoming as branches in the sun. 

It is here in this space that you can finally listen, not simply hear, but listen to the songs that were there all along. 

It is here that the prayers of your heart are answered in unwavering voice. 

It is here that you understand with crystal clarity that every single moment of your life was a gift. 

However painful or misread in their moment, gifts nonetheless. 

So stay here a moment if you will. 

Perhaps if you sit long enough, your roots will travel to the place where there is no “aloneness,” there is only “allness.”

Where the illusion of separateness crumbles like ashes to the forest bed around you and all you see is magnificent, steady, loving, all encompassing light. 

Here you see those who you believe have hurt or wronged you like you are seeing them for the very first time, before stories and ego blurred your vision.

The light surrounds them now so completely and unconditionally that all you feel is the glow and warmth of their love and yours. 

Perhaps if you sit here long enough you will learn to see all the messages and signs around you everyday, in every moment, telling you so surely that all is coming. 


All is coming. 


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