The Now vs. the Mess


“Mama! Sun awake!” says a bouncy blonde haired girl when it’s not yet 6:00 am. The blankets on the bed will stay heaped at the end, because running to the window, peeking through the blinds and saying hello to the sun is more important than making the bed.

“Mama, sit down!” pleads a bright eyed, snugly girl when it’s not yet 7:00 am. The dishes on the counter will stay stacked and unwashed, because when a munchkin needs some love, clean kitchens don’t stand a chance.

“Mama, peeeee pee!” shouts a hopeful, learning girl when it’s not yet 8:00 am. The laundry will stay in baskets, long awaiting to be washed, because when a toddler asks for the potty, reading twenty books on the bathroom floor trumps folded laundry any day.

“Mama, please no!” sobs a broken, little heart when it’s not yet 9:00 am. The vacuum will stay in it’s place, because when a favorite shirt is dirty, the next hour will be spent on feeling big, huge emotions in a little, tiny heart and not on dust and crumbs.

“Mama, sshhhh?” asks a worn out, red-eyed girl when it’s not yet 10:00 am. The jammies will stay on and the socks will stay off because at melt-downs end, a recovery nap  and cuddle is more beneficial than winning battles and matching clothes.

“Mama, let’s go!” smiles a jumping, dancing sprite when it’s not yet 12:00 pm. The crayons will remain cascading from their box and tumbling on the floor, because when there are scooters to be ridden and daylight ends at 4, fresh air heals what clean houses never will.

“Mama, paint!” says an inspired, mini artist when it’s not yet 2:00 pm. Full closets and neglected drawers won’t be organized today, because when a young mind craves creativity, clutter and forgotten boxes know their place in line.

“Mama, Da?” says a somber, Daddy’s-girl when it’s not yet 4:00 pm. Speckles of paint will remain on the table, the chairs and the walls, because when Daddy’s almost home from work, hiding in the closet and soaking up giggles brings more joy than spotless tables.

“Mama. Da. Come…” whispers a tired, precious babe when it’s not yet 7:00 pm. Remnants of dinner will blanket the table, wet bath towels on the floor, because at the end of the day reading books in bed with love on each side will always take the cake.


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