So Many Sisters- Strong and Sure

Today is April 14th. Today is the day the littlest McNulty was due to show her face. If anything like my first pregnancy, I would hugely and uncomfortably waddle my way through the next week to two weeks still waiting for her arrival. I planned, hoped, dreamed, imagined that this April 14th would be much different than it is. When the truth dealt me a huge blow, I still imagined that maybe this date would be easier than I’m finding it to be today. But grief is still a long process, and loss is life long. Today is hard. Today sucks.

BUT today has also showered me in blessings. I just finished reading The Dressmaker of Khair Khana, which if you haven’t already read, you should. It is a powerful, emotional true story of a community of women in Afghanistan who come together and conquer all odds to support each other and their families in a war ridden land during trials we may never be able to understand. The word sister is used throughout the book by men and women alike to not only refer to blood related siblings, but every woman they love, care for and support, even if they had just met minutes before. 

In the past week several different situations have made me realize how many sisters strong we are. I have marveled at a community of empowered, loving women who stop at no lengths to be the rock of whoever may be in need. In our digital world, women who I may have only interacted with on several occasions face to face remembered this date and what it meant to me and reached out to be a another hand to pull me up. Co-workers gave me cards and hugs. Friends gave me flowers. All these women, these sisters…. Through today’s tears and trials I am lifted up. My heart still swells. To all my sisters, thank you.


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