Warm Shadows



There are warm shadows in our room,
Long before the rays of our star dance
through the blinds where they will soon rest on an empty bed.
Often I surrender in these shadows,
While we are all still there dreaming, breathing, being.
Just being, without weight of worry, fear, or dread.
The night’s soft and gentle light casts a subtle glow.
On rising, falling chests, on our child’s breath.
On cherished books and toys, clothes and love scattered across the floor.
In those moments of being, that is all that we are.
We are there as one love, one heart, dreams 
floating free and effortlessly before the days commitments push us out the door.
I drink in these rich shadows.
Replenish my heart with enough of their promise to carry all of us, 
hold us up when souls, minds, and bodies are tired.
I wish I could capture them in a bottle.
Label it “us” or “we”, “love” or “be” and give out free sips
when the days are too long, or a dream or a hope has retired.
But why bottle up free,
When the warm shadows transfer their energy so masterfully
to the waking, working hours in between.
It’s the noise of our culture.
That robs the daylight hours of what should so naturally be felt,
be heard, be seen and believed.
Let’s slow it down, you and me.
When commitments and toils of necessity beg to fill
the sweet open spaces of our dreaming hearts.
In the hours of the most noise,
Let’s sit, be silent, close our eyes, clear our minds,
know that change is coming, all is coming, each day a new start. 

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