MLK Day: Compassion from Birth


This past weekend, Elle was upset about something that only toddlers can be upset about…. I don’t quite remember what it was but it could have been… A. Her hair was in her eyes. B. I tried to put her hair up out of her eyes. C. The dogs next door weren’t outside. or D. I gave her the pink sippy cup instead of the trucks and planes sippy cup. She is a wonderfully, fiery little girl and has turned to throwing anything she can find when something doesn’t go her way. This particular day she happened to be holding her beloved Pooh Bear at the time. Poor Pooh Bear went flying and bouncing across the room. She immediately realized what she had done, let out a sad cry and ran across the room to pick him up, smother him in kisses, and sit in her tiny, little rocking chair to snuggle and console him. Even through the days of tantrums and angry tears, our strong willed girl never ceases to remind us so early of the compassion possible from mankind and that we should “..stick with love. Hate is too great a burden to bear.”

Today we remember and honor a man whose flame will never be extinguished. A man who had every reason to look around him and feel anger, sadness, and hate, but instead said, “Let NO man pull you so low as to hate him.” A man who saw that peace, light, and love were possible through all the ugliness that surrounded him. A man who told us to dream, hope and change. A man of true compassion.  


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