Rescued by a pair of pretty, little shoes.


So I did it… With mixed emotions, maybe a few tears and surprisingly, some relief. I scheduled an appointment to bring 85% of my wardrobe to the consignment store. Of course this is only the second step of four that actually have to happen. The first was accepting that I will never, EVER fit into these little size 0/2 beauties again. That’s right. NEVER. I have to repeat it again for my own sake. (It’s still sinking in). No matter how much baby weight I lose, these big mama hips will never wear that itty bitty high waisted cheetah print skirt, or that black silk shift dress with the petite little buttons on the collar, Once upon a time, that fitted herringbone dress with the playful scalloped neckline made me feel like a sexy powerhouse, but last week when I tried it on (or attempted to because it didn’t actually make it all the way on) it made me feel more like a giant in smurf’s clothing. “Ugh! All my pretty clothes!!!!” I practically wailed, sitting on the bedroom floor.

Then something happened. I was driving by one of my favorite thrift stores later that day on my lunch break. There just happened to be a parking spot open in front, which never happens. Of course, I had to pull in. I ran in with 6 minutes left of my break. I somewhat absentmindedly bought a pair of little, black, patent leather flats, because Lord knows none of the 50 pairs of heels up in the loft fit anymore. No one told me that, minus the pregnancy elephant feet, I would still be a size bigger. Well it turns out those basic, classic flats where a godsend. I put those girls on back at the office and had a revelation. They were perfect. They were pretty. They were sexy even! And they were all those things because I made them those things. Sure, I’m never going to be a size 0 again, but looking back, what did being a zero ever do for me? While I look back on that girl with fond, almost motherly memories, I am looking back on a girl who had the best, most beautiful, sexy part of her life ahead of her. And that’s when step two happened. I suddenly didn’t need to hang on to all those old friends to make me feel like I was still that skinny girl. I didn’t WANT to be that skinny girl. I wanted to get rid of them! I was ready to trade them all in for clothes (a couple, few sizes bigger) that fit the strong, sexy woman that I was now. In that moment I was so much more powerful, confident, and beautiful than I ever had been. I’ve been through 36 hours of labor after all! And I know for a fact that my husband thought me sexier in those 36 hours then he ever had before. Second to being a new mom, I’ve been working full time in a constantly changing, fast paced, and mentally exhausting industry in it’s most successful time. I go home to my other job at night, to a happy, healthy baby girl and loving, hardworking life partner. So take that, size zero! And take your 4 inch snake skin heels with you! Gosh, I’ll miss those heels…

So if you’re visiting my favorite thrift store in the next few weeks, and find yourself looking through a plethora of bright, lacy, silky size zeros you’ll know I made it through steps three and four. Actually packing up all the clothes, and showing up for the appointment. And you’ll know the girl is happily embracing the woman that she is.


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