The greatness of gratitude.

I find the first sentence of anything I write is always the most difficult one to decide on. Probably because I can never quite pinpoint the original thought, idea, or event that led me to a final decision to put a feeling to words. Some people describe an epiphany, a vision, a flashing breakthrough. That all sounds quite a bit more glamorous than what I experience. My road takes me on a bit of a longer trip, with multiple stops and detours along the way, all leading me (though many times somewhat slowly) to a higher level of mindfulness and awareness. And for that I am thankful…

Looking back on the past few weeks, I feel like my current road has been spread out before me to teach me more about gratitude. To show me the love and blessings that come as a result. There is so much more to it than just being thankful. Gratitude is a teacher, a strong hand in helping us overcome many road blocks in our path that may keep us from achieving our fullest potential. Gratitude means that we are not only thankful, but that we release fear and anxiety, and embrace whatever our situation with open heart and arms, knowing that we will never be given more than we can handle. And if you ask me, that knowledge is something to be sincerely grateful for! 

My leap into gratitude has been a rewarding one, and has made me wonder why it took me so long to get here. (But I’ll try to be grateful for that learning curve.) As a family, we have decided to take a different route with our life in the hopefully near future. A route that in the past would have, excuse my language, scared the hell out of me. But now, I see this route as a beautiful adventure that I wouldn’t dare to miss out on. My gratitude has allowed me to deeply feel a contentment with myself, a knowledge of my strength, and a release of worldly attachments. And being content with what we have at this very moment, in EVERY moment, without fear or want, has opened my heart to the adventures to come.

My heart smiles.

The road is long with many paths and beautiful because it led to this place of change, of love, of wonder, of spaces unknown.

My soul floats.
There is a glittering mystery that surrounds our life as one. The three of us, three ribbons of flowing colors intertwined in an unbreakable rope.
You are my gift.
 My gift that God, the world, the universe has blessed me with and multiplied a hundred times over each day that I wake.
We will fly.
Our paths are never ending. Our home will be within ourselves, each other. We will find places of peace, of beauty, of newness that even dreams could not make.
Our feet are strong.
They carry bodies that carry hearts that are bigger and greater and deeper than anyone could fully understand, except to dive into our souls.
Let us pray.
Pray that our drishti remains unwavering, that our gratitude outweighs our want, that our love overshadows our fears, that our minds and our hearts never close.

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