Opening statements…

If you want to go quickly, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.
If you want to go quickly, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.

Maha. In Sanskrit it just means “great”. The Arabic origin means “powerful or mighty”. In Hindi, its origin means “beauty”. I have to admit, I didn’t come up with this word on my own. My husband had used it in a previous business venture, but in my musings of what I wanted to accomplish by writing this blog, no other word seemed quite as appropriate. As a new wife, and new mom who struggled to near heartbreak with my return to the workforce, it’s a word I remind myself of one hundred times a day.

I say it in the mornings when I leave my sweet girl to spend a nine hour day away from her. “You’re a great mommy. You’re doing what you need to do to provide for her.”

I say it at 3am when Aaron and I have taken turns rocking her for hours on end, and she is STILL wide awake, squeeling in delight at the late night family party. “We are great parents. We are patient. This too shall pass.”

I say it a bit more sarcastically when I think she’s asleep for good, and that tiny, beautiful voice floats through the air not 4 minutes later… “Great…”.

I say it in the office when I feel like sleep deprivation is taking over, and there is no way I can possibly get done what I need to do. (Eight cups of coffee isn’t an option when you’re a breastfeeding mom. Revisit late night family party.) “You are GREAT at your job. Go get a wheatgrass shot and suck it up!”

It sometimes seems that with all the wondrous aspects of being a mom, there also comes the constant need to remind yourself that you are GREAT! You are maha, magnificent, powerful and beautiful.

My husband made a comment to me this week that started the wheels turning in my mind, and lead me to start this blog. What he said was, “You are bigger than this.” It amazed me that I needed someone to say that to me in order for me to even begin considering it. And the more I did, the more the circumference of those five words grew. We are all bigger than what we think we are, bigger than what we think we can accomplish. This is not to say that we aren’t superheros just the way we are, or that we should be discontent with what we have. If I lived the rest of my life exactly as it is now, I would be a blessed woman. Our house may be small, but our love is HUGE. Now I know that I want BIG things for my family, for myself, and for our community. And the first step is embracing my own maha-ness (we’ll pretend that’s a word), following my passions and learning how to be me. From that first step comes endless possibilites. I become a better wife, and better mother, a better daughter, sister, aunt, yogi, employee, entrepreneur, neighbor, friend, volunteer, community member and the list goes on. It is a journey of growth, of change, of love. And it is endless.


6 Replies to “Opening statements…”

  1. I’ve sent this link along to our girls. You’re an inspiration to us all. Looking forward to seeing you 3 tomorrow.

  2. Your words are beautiful, inspiring and so full of love, light and authenticity. Thank you for being you and sharing your insights and wisdom with us…

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